Events and Anniversaries Preview

Events and Anniversaries Preview

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akg-images has created a rolling monthly email resource listing events and anniversaries 1 - 4 months in advance. Our preview tool allows easy access to pictures and information without having to wade through loads of text. 

Following are highlights of upcoming events for November through to February.  We’ve also included a list of significant dates in 2022.  Each date links to an album of imagery and brief text.  At the start of each month, we’ll send an updated preview list with new links to imagery to help you stay informed & inspired.

Scroll down and click the links to access your preview. 

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November, 2021

17 November: Catherine the great - 225th anniversary of her death

20 November: Dürer's Journeys - Travels of a Renaissance Artist opens at the National Gallery

24 November: Freddie Mercury - 30th anniversary of his death

25 November: Thanksgiving 2021

28 November: Hanukkah 2021 begins at sundown


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December, 2021

1 December: Aids Awareness Day

2 December: Otto Dix - 130th anniversary of his birth

4 December: Wassily Kandinsky - 155th anniversary of his birth

4 December - The Pill became available on the NHS - 60th anniversary

5 December: Konstantin Korovin - 160th anniversary of his birth

6 December: Signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty - 100th anniversary

7 December: Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour - 80th anniversary

10 December: First Nobel Prizes awarded - 120th anniversary

13 December: Franz von Lenbach - 185th anniversary of his birth

16 December: Camille Saint-Saëns - 100th anniversary of his death

25 December: Christmas Day.  See our gallery of contemporary Christmas images

and our gallery of vintage Christmas images.

25 December: Collapse of the USSR - 30th anniversary

30 December: El Lissitzky - 80th anniversary of his death

31 December: New Year's Eve


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Looking ahead to 2022, and some significant event and anniversaries

Barbarossa: 900th anniversary of his birth

Dead Sea Scrolls are discovered- 75th anniversary

16 July: Roald Amundsen - 150th anniversary of his birth

28 July: Marcel Duchamp - 135th anniversary of his birth

15 August: Independence of India - 75th anniversary

31 August: Diana, Princess of Wales - 25th anniversary of her death

6 September: Magellan's 'Victoria' circumnavigates the world - 500th anniversary

7 September: Independence of Brazil - 200th anniversary

10 September: Otto Haekel - 150th anniversary of his birth

12 October: Columbus reaches the Americas - 530th anniversary

16 October: Cuban Missile Crisis - 60th anniversary

2 November: Howard Carter discovers Tutankhamun's tomb - 100th anniversary

27 December: Louis Pasteur - 200th anniversary of his birth


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January, 2022

3 January: Pola Negri - 125th anniversary of her birth

5 January: Sir Ernest Shackleton - 100th anniversary of his death

8 January: David Bowie - 75th anniversary of his birth

15 January: Molière - 400th anniversary of his birth

20 January: Wansee Conference - 80th anniversary

23 January: Edouard Manet - 190th anniversary of his birth

25 January: Ivan Shishkin - 190th anniversary of his birth

25 January: Burns Night

26 January: Kees van Dongen - 145th anniversary of his birth

27 Janurary: Holocaust Memorial Day

30 January: National Storytelling Week


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February, 2022

1 February: Chinese New Year

6 February: King George VI - 70th anniversary of his death

6 February: Queen Elizabeth II becomes queen regnant - 70th anniversary

8 February: Mary Queen of Scots - 435th anniversary of her death

12 February: National Charles Darwin Day

14 February: St Valentine's Day

25 February: Abolition of Prussia - 75th anniversary

27 February: Elizabeth Taylor - 90th anniversary of her birth

28 February: Unilateral Declaration of Egyptian Independence - 100th anniversary


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